Gomm’ Age

Blurs the marks of time

Purifying exfoliating treatment

Purifies and smoothes the grain of the skin, restores radiance to the skin.

Gomm’Age is a non-abrasive soft exfoliating exfoliating care to purify sensitive skin. It restores the resilience and softness of the skin. It fights imperfections, unclogs and tightens pores, reduces age spots and restores radiance to the skin. The skin becomes supple again, firm and silky.

Fast and lasting results:

  • Gently purifies even sensitive skin
  • Smoothes and evenes the grain of the skin
  • Stains and melanin deposits
  • Rebalance the complexion.


The beauty gesture

Once a week

Apply a nut of cream on the face and neck, leave on for 3 minutes.

Massage firmly with special attention to problem areas.

Continue to massage until the particles melt.

Without rinsing, apply the Impact treatment immediately, massage the skin again, then rinse thoroughly with fresh water for a better result.

Repeat the protocol a second time.


  • Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E,
  • Amino acids,
  • Enzymes,
  • Rutin from sunflower pollen.